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This week, Capi gets serious with Entrepreneurship socially. Quiet, there is no anger in between, it is just a post about a reflection of life.

(Spanish version Social Entrepreneurship)

Not to vary, I’m going to put the «Zas in my mouth» first. In Spain it is fashionable to ENTREPRENEURE … seriously? ¿Fashionable ?, I know that in Spain we are very late in school education, but is it really that «entrepreneurship is the most» ?Well, this happens when the political representatives (without colors or ideologies) do not know or explain what ENTREPRENEURS is.

According to the RAE: RCEngage and start a work, a business, a commitment, especially if they contain difficulty or danger.

It is clear that to start an act is to undertake an action in itself, it is not just a business (as the political representatives want to limit).

But let’s take a step back from ENTREPRENEURE, I’m going to ask a very direct question and that will put your senses on alert: Why do you ENTREPRENEURE? Surely if I did a survey the most recurrent answer would be: For money (economic need is one of the biggest motivations), I could also venture to say that the second would be for passion towards a «job you like».

But let’s move up: have you thought about Entrepreneurship socially? Of course, we should first define what it is to undertake socially: social entrepreneurship is business objectives are procured together with social, environmental or humanitarian objectives.What do you give the world when undertaking? Do you help the people around you for free or are you just looking for the financial issue?

I have many contacts since I am involved with #PymesUnidas. A project that helps SMEs, selfemployed workers and entrepreneurs to be visible in a country that does not support them. But not only are they given visibility: if they need contacts, collaborations or any other topic, they are given help as much as possible in a free way. Surely you will all be thinking the phrase that most listened to: How do you earn money? They have never asked me the most important question: What does the help you give to others give you? I also collaborate with the Nahia Care Association and the Vencer el Cáncer Foundation, both are included in #PymesUnidas and I give them the visibility that I can through the rrss.

Fortunately I have a few references that inspire my day to day. With your authorization I expose your cases and because they are a reference for me. They are Jose LB, Ana Magro Salamanca, Silvia Saucedo and Lindsey Stirling:

Jose LB : A great personal friend, coming out of a difficult childhood, has become the benchmark of a group of people who trained in Maritime Rescue , but not before going through training and learning to give that training already in adult age. His life was not easy, because living in a marginal neighborhood of Barcelona then closed many doors, bad friends did not do him a favor either. But one day he met a person who changed his life and today is a recognized man with a big heart. He resumed his studies, was trained in what he most wanted and trained students in the same subject. He is the typical person who does not give them «I am a reference» but in the end she has to admit that she has been

.- What do you feel knowing that you have changed the lives of your students?

Well, actually I have not changed anything.I only provide them with knowledge and skills so that they can act in case of emergency. I bring them basic knowledge of survival in the sea combined with rescue practices and rescue exercises.

.- How do you feel when you say you are a reference for someone?

I have never considered myself a reference.I never set an example. When someone reminds me of the steps I took to change my life, I told them what a normal person would have done. I try to downplay it, since I do not like to look back, if I did not go forward.

.- Have you ever thought about helping people for free?

Yes. In fact, I am a Red Cross volunteer and I participated in a project called som-nit (we are night), which deals with the prevention of drugs, alcohol and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among young people.I did it during the years I was studying a higher module of social integration.

Ana Magro Salamanca:  A very well known friend in the marketing world with her blog Ana Magro. What could I say about her? She is a person who brings value to the life of those who know her. Every advice you give is worth every second it takes to give it to you. It is one of those people that a coffee is extended to a meal and even a dinner. It contributes so much and in so many fields that when you return home your mind is reflecting on that talk you just had. But, as always, is a person who does not recognize the impact it has on the rest of the world, rather, it is not that he does not recognize it, but that it costs him to do so. Thanks to another great person I had the pleasure of discovering it and in the first time that we de-virtualized we were only 7 hours of talk. When we realized we were at night, and that we only had to eat! That talk was impressive and back home I was meditating on every word we said.I’ve learned a lot from her in the time I know her. But we go with her social part: she has been a teacher, she has given lectures and talks at the university and once again her students have learned so much that she is a reference for them.But if we asked in the networks I am sure that the answer would be majority.   

.- What do you think about social entrepreneurship?

I think it is increasingly difficult for companies to demonstrate that social side. The spread of scandals in the media about companies that have shown little sensitivity to the consumer has caused people to lose confidence in brands. I think that undertaking socially is easy, the difficult thing is that the user trusts the social causes that are carried out. The company needs to perform more and more tests to demonstrate its involvement with society and, time, is an important factor to achieve the credibility of the user. For me, social entrepreneurship must first and foremost be coherent. It is useless that your company is totally destined to social causes or that it carries out actions of contribution to society if it then makes mistakes in the small actions of the day to day.

.- Have you ever thought how many people have been helped by you?

You already know that I am very modest in these types of matters ☺ What I can tell you is that I experience great satisfaction when someone writes me a private one on Facebook recognizing that he was not feeling well today and assuring that my reflection on Facebook had made better.»It seemed that I was going with my state of mind and what was happening to me,» they usually tell me privately. It is also gratifying when you give thanks for what you bring, for what they learn with my debates or for the laughter that we sometimes throw in networks. I have always liked to help people and, for me, it is the greatest reward anyone can have. I think that the biggest objective of someone who wants to undertake must be that: help people. The business benefit must be a consequence of this objective.

.- How do you consider the change that occasions in those who have known you?

I always try that whoever is by my side or who knows me is well with me and we spend pleasant moments. That’s why I can be devastated on the inside that my smile never lacks in my mouth. I believe that people’s lives are not easy, that it is very difficult to move forward and move forward, so just how we relate to each other depends on the attitude with which we face certain situations. I think I can motivate people because very good things have happened to me in recent years. That’s why I love meeting people and giving training. For me, the students have been and continue to be the greatest joy of my life. I always have a good relationship with them and I like to see that I leave a mark in their lives.

.- Do you think that the actions of a person can change the attitude of many people?

Of course yes. I even think that there are people who are born for it. People seem complicated, different, but I think we are more similar than we think. We are all touched by the same things, we all suffer when we are disappointed, we all enjoy when we achieve our dream.I think we need a lot of affection, that you can not prejudge people and that you have to stop to delve into the background, never stay on the surface. People who apparently show strength and pasotism are the ones who need it the most. It is very satisfying to positively influence people. For me, it is the best gift of life.

Silvia Saucedo:  A person I met thanks to Ana Magro.Not only is the director of the radio program #SilviaTeOrienta, which is focused on giving guidance to SMEs, self-employed and entrepreneurs in many aspects of work, but also has a very marked social part. He collaborates with several solidarity projects such as Mechones Solidarios, Toy Campaign Collection, with Caramelos El Caserío in Alzheimer’s Research, etc. She is always willing to lend a hand, as far as it goes, in order to be able to disseminate and help whoever asks for it. Thanks to her work she knows how to create a focus of attention to attract people to her side and that you give a little of your time in the causes she promotes, something that is appreciated. .

.- What do you think of social entrepreneurship in Spain?

I think there is still a long way to go, although there are already some companies, such as Caramelos El Caserío, which is an example of social entrepreneurship. I met Ramón San Martín through my mentor Ecequiel Barricart. They do know what social entrepreneurship is. His are two clear examples of companies with soul.

For this, an awareness is needed from the top positions to the last employee of the hierarchy of the company and that is very difficult. Most companies only want to «make money» and forget the responsibility they have with society, given the place they occupy. Anyway, I am optimistic, because every day I see more examples of solidarity, at least around me and that is motivating to continue working in this area.

.- What do you feel knowing that you are a reference for many people in social work?

Honestly, I do not think it is a reference, much less. I’m just another curranta who likes to help as much as possible. The fact of having at my reach a communication medium as powerful as radio, makes it very easy to serve as a speaker to different causes. So while I can, I will continue to help in the projects that in my point of view are worthwhile. And encouraging from #SilviaTeOrienta to all who hear us to do it too! That for something I have earned the title of #LiantaDelSur haha

.- Each person assumes their social success in a different way. How do you manage to know that in each campaign you help so many people and that your reach is so great?

I really do not stop to think about success itself, but about the help that is given. There are campaigns in which we reach many people and others in which we do not have much impact. The solidarity event #TuMarcaTuEmpleo was a success. Thanks, of course, to my entire team, since without them it would not have been possible, as well as my family and sponsors. We fill a theater with 300 people and we achieve the goal for Mechones Solidarios, we make smiles thanks to the solidarity wigs.
Hopefully we can keep doing this because the best thing is the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped make people who need it happy.

Lindsey Stirling: And finally, as the last reference, I present Lindsey Stirling, an artist from top to bottom in both her professional and personal career.With a fighting attitude, he has always struggled to make his professionalism known on stage. His resilience has been seen since its inception, from a humble family , but with a great strength of struggle.Despite not being able to receive all the training required for her career, despite not being able to receive the dance training she wanted so much, despite the many obstacles that have put her in her career … she has managed to be recognized world level and its music reaches very deep to each person.
But not everyone knows that Lindsey has a social and altruistic part worth mentioning. Not only has he partnered with the Atlanta Music Project, an NGO that helps suburban kids get to music and that, if it were not for them, they would have no choice.He has also shot a video clip with Lanfill Harmonic, a well-known institution in which they make musical instruments with recycled materials and «nothing common in their manufacture».
That resilience is what I have come to take into account as a reference, given that each day has overcome a struggle against the current in both his career and his life.

.- You are a social entrepreneur, not only have you raised your professional situation, but also help many organizations altruistically. What do you feel knowing that many people thank you for the help you give them?

When I started doing YouTube years ago, I learned very quickly that collaboration with other artists did not mean that one person won at the expense of others, as is the case with many companies or sales in general. Collaborating was literally a «win to win» for both parties.We both got more points of view, more exposure and made friends in the process. I think many partnerships can be this way, in which both taxpayers benefit from each other and would not be as successful alone as they are together. I feel honored and grateful to have worked with so many amazing musicians and artists and I appreciate your contribution to my life and career.

.- You can feel your emotion in the videos you make about your altruistic acts, how do you feel knowing that you can offer this help to those children in great need?

I have been blessed financially, but also blessed with an amazing family, unsurpassed friends and a support system of people I can trust.Having this support allows me to give my time, energy and resources to others. I think the most difficult aspect is deciding who needs the help … in other words, deciding who will appreciate it and will use my help to the fullest … and who will not.I support especially the Underground Railroad and I love donating to charities and individuals in my community whenever necessary.This Christmas I decided that since I have no children, I would approach some of my fan s and try to give them some Christmas wishes.That was a really special experience and I hope that my small donations can help make some lives a bit happier and hopeful.

.- Every act of kindness has its reciprocity on the person who carries it out. What do you think about it?Do you think that the social enterprise you generate also helps more people join in helping the most disadvantaged?

I definitely believe that everything we do or do not do has an impact, and that our actions are felt by others more than we can possibly understand. For better or worse, we impact the world around us. I leave this earth biendo has made the world a better place.I think all good people want to leave a mark … be remembered. But I do not think it requires being famous in the world to achieve that. And I do not think that it necessarily requires that a person donate thousands to charities, although giving money to worthy causes is amazing. But I think we often forget that they are the people closest to us … the friends, the family, the neighbors and the people in our community in front of us … those are the ones who have the power to help and impact more , and these people look at us and learn from our examples.Actions create waves, waves eventually create waves. Just to exist and be a good person has the power to change lives, believe it or not.You and me, no matter who we are, we ALL make a difference.

As you can see, these four people share a common quality: Humility. Despite being great references for many people, none of the four feels important or more than the rest of the people, they only act under the conviction of performing an act that they believe they should do and without worrying about receiving a reward for those acts .

My dear children, in this world not everything is money or status, any person has the most precious value in the world: Time. How you manage time, and what you do with it, is what defines you as a person, as a member of your community and how you will be remembered. A small act can have a great consequence, do not allow selfishness to flood you and collaborate with companies, associations or influence those closest to you. Every day you can do something great with a few seconds of your time. Be collaborative

Thank you very much to all my references for making this post so special for me.

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